One of my real passions is pastel painting which I first discovered when I studied the Impressionists at Art College many years ago, but in those days nothing like that was ever taught, so it was many years later that I decided to ‘have a go’ for myself – such a big learning curve which constantly continues.

I love the fact that pastels are quick and spontaneous to work with and they do not require huge amounts of preparation. Going straight to colour has advantages especially, if like me, you want to capture the essence of a subject first and then concentrate on the detail later. I firmly believe that what you feel about the subject in front of you and the visual excitement is more important than accuracy of detail, which can be worked on later.

I enjoy sharing the knowledge that I have gained over 20 years or so of working with pastels and was delighted to introduce many of our art holiday guests to them over the 15 years that we were running courses here in France.

In this gallery you will find examples of my work in pastel and hopefully you can see their versatility for yourself.

Many of the original pictures are available to purchase – you will find details of prices and size on the individual images within the gallery. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via my Contact Page for more information.